7th Grade NWEA/MAP Test (7th graders)

Registration for SelectivePrep’s 7th Grade NWEA/MAP class is NOW OPEN! Classes start in March 2018.

Even though public school students may take the MAP test several times a year, the one that counts for admissions purposes is the Spring MAP test.

CPS is requiring that all students take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test if they want to apply to a Selective Enrollment High School. This test is much harder than the tests that it replaces — the ISAT, Terra Nova, Stanford or Iowa. That means that even though it is still one third of the point total — its importance in the admissions process has increased dramatically.

SelectivePrep offers the only classroom program in Chicago to help students prepare for the 7th Grade MAP Test. This test is one third of the score required for admissions to a Selective Enrollment High School. Students must get at least a percentile of 24% in both math and reading on this test in order to qualify to take the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam…and much, much higher if they want to succeed in the admissions process.

With its adoption by over 40 states, the Common Core has become a defacto national assessment standard. In 2017, all Chicago students, both public and private will take a 100% Common Core compliant assessment. The MAP test used for 7th graders in Chicago is calibrated to the Common Core standard.

To fully prepare students for these more rigorous tests, SelectivePrep has incorporated material based on these new tougher Common Core standards into its curriculum and program materials.

Program Overview

With the SelectivePrep Program, students prepare for the Seventh Grade MAP test in an intensive, structured classroom setting with one of our expert Instructors. Students leave the course fully equipped to perform well on test day and get a boost that can lift their 7th grade grades. The SelectivePrep Program starts with a diagnostic test to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Students will have access to supplemental material so they can practice in areas where they need the most improvement. Students also take a practice test under test conditions just before they take “the real thing”. The SelectivePrep Program:

  • Is offered on weekends at convenient locations or after school at local elementary schools
  • Has both regular 8 week (2 hours per session) or intensive 5 week (3 hours per session) programs
  • Includes a Study Guide (over 400 pages long) with extensive review material and practice tests
  • Covers both math and verbal problem solving
  • Includes regular updates on student performance
  • Has quizzes to keep students on their toes & provide additional feedback
  • Does not use calculators to encourage students to think on their feet
  • Limits class size to twenty students

All after school classes are posted only on the SelectivePrep website under Register Now, 7th Grade Programs as they are established.

In 2017, both public and private school students will required to take the MAP test for their 7th grade standardized test. To read more about this test, click pdfhere17.95 KB.

To read more about the Transition to the Common Core Standard, click pdfhere125.38 KB.

Program Syllabus

Session Topics Covered
Session 1 Diagnostic Test; Decimals, Place Value, Expanded Notation and Scientific Notation & Rounding
Session 2 Number Properties, Measurement, Vocabulary Improvement, Reading Comprehension 1
Session 3 Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Percents & Ratios, Graphs, Reading Comprehension 2
Session 4 Averages, Basic Statistics and Probability, Math Test 1
Session 5 Algebra, Extended Response Math 2, Reading Comprehension Test 1
Session 6 Basic Geometry (Triangles, Angles and Lines, Squares), Math Test 2
Session 7 Advanced Math (Exponents & Square Roots, Equations, Coordinate Geometry); Reading Comprehension (Poetry)
Session 8 Practice Test and Practice Test Review; Test Taking Tips


After School Classes

SelectivePrep conducts after school classes at elementary schools across Chicago. If you are interested in an after school class at your school, please contact us.

Calculate Your Child’s Admissions Score

Get an early read on your child’s admissions chances by calculating his/her admissions score. If needed, use estimates based on performance to date (e.g., 7th grade grades to date, 6th grade test scores, etc.) and your child’s track record. Click here to get a preview of your child’s performance.