6th Grade Programs

6th Grade Programs

With the SelectivePrep Program, students prepare for the Academic Center Admissions Test in an intensive, structured classroom setting with one of our expert Instructors. The SelectivePrep Program starts with a Diagnostic Test to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Students will have access to supplemental material so they can practice in areas where they need the most improvement. Students also take a practice test under test conditions before they take “the real thing”.

The SelectivePrep Academic Center Program:

  • Is offered on weekends at convenient locations or after school at local elementary schools
  • 14 hours of classroom time; either 6 or 4 sessions
  • Incorporates quizzes to keep students on their toes and provide parents with additional feedback
  • Includes a 200 page plus Study Guide with extensive review material
  • Provides regular communications to parents on student progress
  • Limits class size to twenty students


Registration for our fall 2018 classes to prepare for the Academic Center Admissions Test will start in April 2018.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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