Summer Math Enrichment

Welcome to SelectivePrep’s Summer Math Program!

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SelectivePrep’s SUMMER Math Classes provide motivated students with the opportunity to learn and enjoy mathematics. We will show students that math is rewarding and fun – even cool. SelectivePrep’s Summer Math Classes are conveniently scheduled in August, so students get a jump on the new school year.

red-head boyFar too many students view math as drudgery to be endured – or even worse, as alien territory to be avoided. Their regular math classes tend to be focused solely on the basics. By striving for only a minimal level of proficiency, students are rarely challenged to go beyond.

All too often, the creative aspects of mathematics are ignored and an emphasis is put on routine exercises. Since they see math as hard, boring and irrelevant, most students do not take enough math classes. Unfortunately, few children say that math is their favorite topic and it could be — so easily.

Our goal is to instill a passion for math…

We offer innovative activities across a variety of topics to take students further than a standard school curriculum. Your child will spend time with others who enjoy challenges and will work on problem solving, puzzles and critical thinking.

SelectivePrep classes are interactive and high energy. We believe in using math to solve real world problems and in incorporating challenging and relevant applications. Our Instructors are enthusiastic and fluent in math.

The rest of the world already understands the importance of attaining a superior math education: “Choose math because it makes you smarter. Math is to learning what endurance and strength training are to sports: the basis that enables you to excel in the specialty of your choice. You cannot become a major sports star without being strong and having good cardiovascular ability. You cannot become a star within your job or excel in your profession unless you can think smartly and critically – and math will help you do that.” (translated from Aftenposten, a major Norwegian newspaper, Why You Should Choose Math In High School, by Espen Andersen)

Welcome to SelectivePrep’s Summer Math Program. Let the fun begin

Summer Math Enrichment is a new offering from SelectivePrep, whose founders combined have over forty years of test preparation, teaching and curriculum development experience.