The Academic Center Admissions Test

The Academic Center Admissions Test is given each year from November through mid February to 6th grade students seeking admission to one of six Academic Centers. All Academic Centers use the same test and admissions process.

The test format has changed from year to year. Lately CPS has used an aptitude test similar to an IQ test. This test is radically different from any of the standardized tests that your child has encountered in the past. It will focus on your child’s ability to recognize relationships between figures, numbers, and words. The test includes:

  • Figural Reasoning. Pattern Matrix, Figural Series, Figural Classification, and Figural Analytics.
  • Mathematical Analysis. Logical Selection, Arithmetic Reasoning, Number Series, Number Matrix, and Number Inference.
  • Verbal Analysis. Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Analogies, Sentence Arrangement, Word/Letter Matrix, and Verbal Classification.

Click here to see sample SelectivePrep Academic Center Program material.

Test Taking Tips

Some standardized tests have a “guessing penalty” or mechanism that subtracts a portion of the incorrect answers from the correct ones. The Academic Center Admissions Test has not included such a guessing penalty in the past, and SelectivePrep has no reason to believe it will have one in the future.

Do tell your child to listen carefully to directions on test day. If a penalty for answering a question incorrectly is not mentioned, your child should assume that it doesn’t exist. Unless a guessing penalty is mentioned, your child should answer all questions.

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