5th Grade MAP Test (5th graders)

SelectivePrep 5th Grade NWEA/MAP Program

In addition to our program to prepare for the Academic Center Admissions Test for 6th graders we also offer a program for 5th graders to prepare for the 5th Grade MAP Test since this test is one third of the Academic Center admissions score.

With its adoption by over 40 states, the Common Core has become a defacto national assessment standard. In 2018, all Chicago students, both public and private will take a 100% Common Core compliant assessment.

The NWEA/MAP test will be used for the 5th grade standardized test in the admissions formula. The end of year (May 2018) MAP test is the one that will count for admissions purposes even if your child’s school administers this test several times a year.

To fully prepare students for this more rigorous test, SelectivePrep has incorporated material based on these new tougher Common Core standards into its curriculum and program materials.

Registration for our Winter/Spring 2018 5th Grade MAP is NOW OPEN.

5th Grade MAP Program Syllabus

Session Topics Covered
Session 1 Intro to Exam; Diagnostic Test; Decimals, Place Value & Rounding
Session 2 Expanded Notation, Scientific Notation, Number Properties; Reading Comprehension 1 (Non-Fiction)
Session 3 Fractions & Mixed Numbers, Basic Percents; Reading Comprehension 2 (Fiction)
Session 4 Units of Measurement, Simple Geometry; Reading Comprehension Practice Test & Practice Test Review
Session 5 Charts & Graphs; Math Practice Test & Practice Test Review
Session 6 Practice Test and Practice Test Review; Test Taking Tips

After School Classes

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