Eighth Grade Class Schedule

Registration for our 8th grade classes to prepare for the 2017 Fall/Winter Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam will is NOW Open!

With the SelectivePrep program, students prepare for the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam in a structured classroom setting with one of expert Instructors. Scores from this test will play a crucial role in determining whether or not a student is admitted to one of Chicago’s eleven Selective Enrollment High Schools.

This program will also be beneficial in preparing students for the Catholic High School Placement Test (HSPT).

Click here for a copy of our weekend 2017 class schedule.

We will have additional after school classes that will start in October and November 2017 that will NOT be on the weekend schedule. Please go to Register Now, 8th Grade Programs for a complete listing of our classes when they are posted in the Spring of 2017. Please contact us if you have any questions.