2015-2016: 8th Grade Parent Feedback – Complete List

10 Nov

“First of all, you might like to know that my son got 300 points on his Selective Enrollment test.”

“My daughter was accepted to her 1st choice Selective Enrollment School. Thanks to your support and encouragement, she will attend Jones College Prep in the fall.”

“We’ll actually miss you guys. You have been the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal process. Thanks again, and if you ever want a testimonial, we’re here.”

“My daughter was in your SelectivePrep class at North Park in December. I just wanted to let you know that she got into Payton and will be going there next fall. We are very excited. Two kids in Payton for us, and we are done with the system.”

“I wanted to thank you very much for all of your effort. Your diligence, attentiveness, and concern for our daughter (and I’m sure all the other kids you taught) was duly noted. I would add that she had a much tougher road than our older daughter who was accepted into Payton two years ago. With the conversion to MAP testing, combined with the Selective High School Exam, it was a daunting task for these kids to properly prepare. You were a big part of her emotional stability as well; you kept her relaxed and confident while she worked diligently. Thanks for your efforts.”

“I just realized that I haven’t yet shared that my daughter took the SelectivePrep class to prep for the Selective Enrollment Exam – she scored 297 out of 300. She is very excited to be going to Whitney Young next year. Thanks for all of your help.”

“Our son made it into Lane and will be attending starting in the fall. I’m sure it’s due to SelectivePrep, so I thank you for your help and for making it so easy for us parents to understand the whole process.”

“My son scored a 294 out of 300. His final score was 869 out of 900. He was accepted to Lane.”

“Hi SelectivePrep! Just wanted to inform you that my daughter scored a 291 out of 300 on her Selective Enrollment Exam and was offered a spot for the advanced placement honors program at Lane Tech which was her first choice. She was also accepted to Lincoln Park IB and double honors as well as several other programs. She really felt as though she was properly prepared for her exam as a result of your preparation course! Thank you so much!”

“My son was in your 8th grade entrance exam prep class. He got a perfect score of 300 on the exam and got in to Northside College Prep. He benefited from going through the 7th grade MAP test prep as well as the 8th grade entrance exam prep. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

“I am happy to inform you that my son did pass the selective enrollment test. His score was 805 out of 900. He did get admitted to his 1st selection which is Brooks for the 2015-2016 school year.

My daughter got accepted into Lane Tech and IB Lincoln Park. Thank you for the wonderful program that you have. Now is the hard decision to choose which school to go to.”

“My daughter took both the 7th grade and the 8th grade class this past year at St Bens. She was accepted in the Lane Tech class of 2019! Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back for more since I have a sixth grader and fourth grader who will be in the same high school race in a few years! Thank you.”

“I want to think you and your colleagues at SelectivePrep for the wonderful program that you provide. My daughter was accepted at Jones College Prep, her first choice. She scored a 96 percent on the entrance exam and your program was essential in her test preparation. We are thrilled and we will recommend your program to our friends. Keep up the good work!”

“I just wanted to inform you that my daughter got in Whitney Young High School. Whitney Young was her first choice! Our daughter participated in the class at Sutherland.”

“I wanted to let you know that I got accepted at Northside. I scored a 297 out of 300 points on the test. Thank you once again for everything! I have recommended the course to several of my friends and we will sign up my sister in the future as well.”

“I wanted to follow-up and let you know that my son has been accepted to Lane Tech for his freshman year starting next fall. He was a SelectivePrep student last fall and received 291 points for the entrance exam. Thanks for all of your help!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to supporting the students in Chicago with navigating the admissions test. Our daughter has taken many of your courses. She was admitted to Jones College Prep and we know that without your company that would not have been possible. Thank you.”

“Our son got into Loyola and Walter Payton! He got a 900! Thank you!!!”

“My daughter got admissions into Payton for high school. A large credit of that is due to your prep classes. Thanks so much!”

“My daughter was accepted to Payton. Thank you for all of your help and support.”

“I just wanted to let you know that our son got into Lane, his first choice! We are so happy and grateful for the boost that your program gave him!”

“Our daughter got into Payton. Thanks for your help!”

“Our daughter got into Northside which was her first choice.”

“I just wanted to let you know that our son was accepted at Lane. He recently took the prep course you offered at St Bens. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program and having such great teachers working with the kids. He enjoyed both the program and your Instructor’s teaching. We are sure that it contributed to his success on the entrance exam. Thank you again!”

“Hi there. I am the parent of a Canty school parent. Just letting you know that my daughter was admitted to Northside College Prep. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to report the scores of the girls. Thank you so much for this program. I really think it helped the girls prepare for this test and feel comfortable going in that they were well prepared. One daughter got a perfect score and was accepted to Payton. My other got a 273 and got accepted to Jones.”

“On a happy note, my daughter got a perfect score on the Selective Enrollment Exam Thank you!”

“My daughter got into Lane. She attended the SelectivePrep sessions from October to December. I sat with her nearly two hours a night for about two weeks before the test and reviewed the SelectivePrep material you provided. She said that the material was harder than the test itself. It was good practice for her and I am happy that she attended your sessions. Thanks again!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. My daughter received her acceptance letters yesterday from St. Ignatius and Walter Payton. I will definitely be sending my son to you this summer. Thanks again!”

“We receive the letter yesterday and our daughter was accepted into Lane. She is happy.”

“I just wanted to thank you and your SelectivePrep course. Our daughter got a 297 out of 300 on the Selective Enrollment High School Entrance test. The best standardized test performance she has ever had.”

“My son got into Whitney Young High School. He said the test prep definitely helped him. It was worth the investment.”

“My daughter received her CPS letters yesterday. She is elated that she was accepted into Payton. Her score for the Selective Enrollment Exam was 288. Thanks for all of your help.”

“This is to let you know that our son got into Northside with a total score of 892. Thank you for your program.”

“My son got a 300 on the Selective Enrollment Exam and got into his first choice, Whitney Young with a score of 879. I think the class was helpful in preparing him. Thanks.”

“My daughter received her acceptance letter from Jones College Prep. Thank you for the program! We’re very happy about this! Thank you again!”

“My daughter got into Jones. That was her first choice. Although she probably could have gotten into Payton.”

“I wanted to update you on my son’s results – 297 out of 300. Doing the vocabulary and reading comprehension in the book was beyond helpful. Thanks so much for all of your help.”

“Hello. Our son has been accepted into Whitney Young. Her first choice was Jones but a B last year had ruined his chances. His Selective Enrollment score was 297 out of 300. Thanks for your help.”

“I would like to thank your Instructor and your staff for the hard work that you did with our son to prepare him for the Selective Enrollment test. Our son was offered a seat at Westinghouse College Prep for the 2015-2016 school year. My wife and I would like to thank you again for your support and help.”
“Just to let you know that our son got his admissions letter yesterday and he received a full 300 points on the Selective Enrollment admissions test. He is accepted into a school of his choice and is super excited. Thanks to you and your staff for this wonderful program and a special thanks to your Instructor for her work with the kids and keeping us informed with the weekly updates. Bravo!! “

“Thank you for providing a great class at SelectivePrep. Our daughter was accepted at Walter Payton which was her first choice.”
“Our daughter received her letter yesterday and got accepted to Northside. Score 300.”
“We received the result yesterday. And it’s great news. Our daughter got into Payton. Thank you for your program.”

“We’d like to thank you for your professional services. Our daughter really benefited from those classes, expecially as a newcomer to the USA. We are really proud of her and we believe that those classes helped her understanding of the system and helped her focus on what needed to be studied for the exam. We wish you continuing success in your business.”

“I wanted to let you know that my daughter scored the full 300 points on the Selective Enrollment Exam and was accepted into her first choice school, Whitney Young. Thank you! I believe she was very well prepared thanks to the SelectivePrep course!”

“In at Whitney with points to spare for Jones or Northside or Lane if she had put those first, plus also Lincoln Park IB. She is very happy. Thanks for all your work with her!”

“We received a letter from CPS today and our son has been offered a seat at Payton with a score of 300 out of 300 on the Exam. He couldn’t have done it without the Saturday class. We are in Tier 4 and had to be perfect.”

“I just wanted to inform you that my daughter was accepted into Lane and Lincoln Park. Her total score was 845. Her test score was 291 out of 300. I do have to give credit to your program.”

“Our daughter received her acceptance for Northside today. She received 300 out of 300 for her Entrance Exam, her grand total was 889. Thank you to SelectivePrep. I have been recommending your courses.”

“Thank you for your follow-up letter. Our daughter received the highest point total possible of 300! We are extremely happy for her. We are quite pleased that we chose the course.”

“We wanted to let you know that our son has been accepted at Walter Payton and that he scored a perfect 300 on the Entrance Exam.”

“All three of our kids went through your program at SelectivePrep. Our daughter and son are thriving at Whitney Young and our youngest is hoping to join them. Regardless, we are sooooo happy that SelectivePrep was available to our kids. Initially we wanted to keep you as a secret from our friends, but we couldn’t refrain from encouraging them to get on board at SelectivePrep. We’re happy that many listened.”

“My daughter had 300 points on the Selective Enrollment Exam.”

“I don’t know if our twins will get into any of the any of the schools that they want, but I wanted to send you this note to let you know how favorably impressed my wife and I have been with your process, the information on your website and how you and the other people with whom you work with have kept us up to date. Thanks you!”

“Thank you for preparing me for the Selective Enrollment Exam! You were very helpful and I appreciate your support. I took the Exam this Saturday and I thought it was just right (not too easy, and not too hard). I really enjoyed your classes. I have already recommended this course to several friends.”

“You are the best! We tried other prep classes but my son says yours was the one that helped him the most.”

“My son took your SelectivePrep course and I can’t begin to express how impressed with your course. My son learned so much from this course, he felt it helped him tremendously.”

“I got my results today. 300 out of 300 points! I received a 97 in vocabulary and a 99 on all other subjects. Thank you for being such a great teacher.”

“My daughter’s Selective Enrollment test results came in last Friday and were happy that she received a perfect score of 300. Thank you all so much. We have a daughter who is currently in 7th grade and we will definitely be seeing you next year.”

“Results arrived and my son got 300 on the test.”

“My son took his test and got a perfect score on the test – 300 out of 300. Thank you for preparing my son for the Selective High School Enrollment test. Without you he wouldn’t have made the perfect score on the test. Thanks a lot!”

“My daughter got her results today. She got a perfect score, 300 out of 300. Thank you for all the work with her.”

“My daughter took your class this fall and today we received the results. She got a 99 in Vocabulary, a 99 in Reading, a 96 in Language and an 86 in Math. Her core total was 97. We are over the moon with these results and want to thank you so much for your big part in them.”

“Our daughter took her test and got the results back yesterday. She scored a 297. Her overall score is now 891. Thanks for all of your help.”

“We received his results today and we were very happy. He scored a 294 out of 300. He has a total of 855 out of 900. He is really hoping to get into Whitney Young. Thank you again for the SelectivePrep program. It definitely helped prepare our son for the test.”

“Our daughter got the Selective Enrollment results today and scored a perfect 300 for a total of 900 points. We are so happy! Thank you so much for everything.”

“The test results are in today. Our daughter got a perfect score! Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for teaching the class. Our daughter said she REALLY enjoyed your session. That’s a HUGE complement coming from her.”

“Thanks so much for SelectivePrep. My daughter scored very well on the Selective Enrollment Exam as well as the Catholic & Independent school tests after taking the courses. She also enjoyed the classes & Instructor.”