: "Thanks so much for SelectivePrep. My daughter scored very well on the Selective Enrollment Exam as well as the Catholic : "Thank you so much for teaching the class. Our daughter said she REALLY enjoyed your session. That’s a HUGE complement : "The test results are in today. Our daughter got a perfect score! Thank you!" : "Our daughter got the Selective Enrollment results today and scored a perfect 300 for a total of 900 points. We : "We received his results today and we were very happy. He scored a 294 out of 300. He has a : "Our daughter took her test and got the results back yesterday. She scored a 297. Her overall score is now : "My daughter took your class this fall and today we received the results. She got a 99 in Vocabulary, a : "My daughter got her results today. She got a perfect score, 300 out of 300. Thank you for all the : "My son took his test and got a perfect score on the test – 300 out of 300. Thank you : "Results arrived and my son got 300 on the test." : "My daughter’s Selective Enrollment test results came in last Friday and were happy that she received a perfect score of : "I got my results today. 300 out of 300 points! I received a 97 in vocabulary and a 99 on : "My son took your SelectivePrep course and I can’t begin to express how impressed with your course. My son learned : "You are the best! We tried other prep classes but my son says yours was the one that helped him : "Thank you for preparing me for the Selective Enrollment Exam! You were very helpful and I appreciate your support. I : "I don’t know if our twins will get into any of the any of the schools that they want, but : "My daughter had 300 points on the Selective Enrollment Exam." : "All three of our kids went through your program at SelectivePrep. Our daughter and son are thriving at Whitney Young : "We wanted to let you know that our son has been accepted at Walter Payton and that he scored a : "Thank you for your follow-up letter. Our daughter received the highest point total possible of 300! We are extremely happy

Congratulations 8th Graders!

Selective Enrollment High School results were mailed on March 1, 2016. Click here to see the feedback provided by parents for the 2015-2016 admissions year.

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pleased to inform you

"I am pleased to inform you that I got accepted to Northside! I got a perfect score on my entrance exam. I’m sure I wouldn’t have the same score if it weren’t for these classes."

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